Green is the New Red, With Which to Paint the Town

First, we at the Poorly Kept Secret Society apologize for the title of this post.

Second, check out these images.  What do they have in common:

(Photo appeared on the Denver Post website.)

(Photo appeared on the Washington Post website.)

(Photo appeared on the New York Post website.)

Is this an act of civil disobedience?  A coordinated, suddenly national effort that will culminate in a social/environmental/economic message that will soon be revealed?  Is this the first battle cry for a new protest movement?

Or, a coincidence?  A couple of yahoos who think they’ll get their fifteen minutes via the mis-tint shelf at Sherman Williams?

Ooh!  Or, perhaps, a very clever consortium of rouge objects conservators who are drumming up business by hiring unsuspecting innocents to carry out this vandalism for the sole purpose of ensuring they will have work the next day!  Love a conspiracy!!

Here’re the stories:

Open question to all Agents and Co-conspirators of the Poorly Kept Secret Society: What elusive connection do the sites that were vandalized with green paint have in common?

I See What You Mean (Blue Bear) by Lawrence Argent

The Lincoln Memorial by Daniel Chester French

Washington National Cathedral

Joseph Henry by William Story

Once we know their common connection, we are that much closer to discovering the location of the Arc of the Covenant.

My apologies.  I am once again confusing my life with the movie I watched last night…