Note to Agents: Chamber of Camaraderie

A community forms a Chamber of Commerce to represent the interests of business.  That is to say the “profits of business owners”.  They may have other stated goals such as community vitality and employment, but those are of course means to increasing profits.

We at the Poorly Kept Secret Society have no qualms about business, or indeed Chambers of Commerce.  (Well, no complaints about the concept of a Chamber if Commerce, at least. Their actions can sometimes be dubious…)

However, there are other aspirations for a city.  Other than the profits of business owners, I mean.  And, there are organizations, for- and non-profit, for whom the primary focus is the well-being of the city.  Where is their lobbyist?  Who is out there wooing new artists… or charities… or activists… to a city?  Where is their Chamber?

For discussion:  What does that organization look like?   What cities have experimented with that?   What if there was a Chamber of Camaraderie?

Agents may respond to this discussion topic in the usual manner:  leave a coded note pinned to the back of the scarf or fedora of a bleary-eyed hipster waiting in the ridiculously long line to get a breakfast table that is forming outside Jelly restaurant, 13th and Pearl in Denver.