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Drunken Hipsters and the Public Good

VisitDenver reports that the Reverb blog reports that Rolling Stone reports that Denver’s own Beta Night Club is the best dance club in the country.  Our Agents have observed that walking around in LoDo on a Friday night, or South Broadway, for that matter, you know as well we do that kickin’ bass and alcohol can do more for activating a city block then anything.  Anything.


But, when the patrons of these night clubs stumble out onto those streets, does anyone else want to be there?




But, they are there.  Walking around, spending money, puking and tweeting.  (Not easy to do simultaneously.)  So, they can be an important component to a 24 hour activation strategy, filling in the gap when all their friends who married early and are back home in the suburbs putting the kids to bed are already watching Charlie Rose and scoffing at the disgusting video to be found on their Twitter feed.


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