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Mahwish Chishty

Perhaps we humans are to be divided into two types: those who think our best days are behind us and, those who believe we are on the brink of better times.  Though they seem to be at odds, both are, of course, symptoms of the same disease.  Then, there are some who see things as they are.  They realize what is happening right now.  They fully appreciate both the promise and the horror of their moment.  Mahwish Chishty is one of those people. She paints traditional Pakistani patterns onto the silhouette of drone aircraft. Nothing assumed. Nothing done to grieve or critique. (At least, not on the surface.) She merely acknowledges her situation; the situation of her people. The beauty and horror of the subjects of everyday conversation in her life.  Of course, Chishty comes from that part of the world where introspection is more common.  But for us, her artwork reads as subtly biting.

Ew.  Did I just use the term “subtly biting”?  My apologies.

Let’s all learn from Mahwish.

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