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Society Agents Infiltrate the New York Bakery on Havana in Aurora

 At 16:15 hours on June 23, Agents of the Poorly Kept Secret Society infiltrated the New York Bakery on Iliff and Havana in Aurora, Colorado. Below is a summary of their findings.1. The tiny bakery is likely to be a front for either sinister or noble purposes. The reason for this assumption is that the “New York” Bakery, in which one might expect to find lots of pumpernickel and biallies, in fact carries an extensive assortment of delightful Korean pastries.

2. Agents, posing as customers purchased dinner rolls, a chocolate filled pastry, a strawberry layer cake and several other items. Finding: effing yum!

3. The kind lady serving our agents gave them complimentary lemon cakes. We can only assume that she was doing this to deliver a secret message.

3. The New York Bakery did not have a website or Facebook page. This is promising. It appears to be a quiet, family run local business devoted to sheer, unambiguous enjoyment. Thus, it is exactly the kind of organization that the Society should activity promote.

4. Further investigation will be required. Soon.

That is all. 



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