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Livability + Sustainability + Vitality + Justice

These are the four categories of great cities. There are many subdivisions, many occupations and intentions that comprise these four things.  Healthy local businesses are a component of Vitality. Neighborhood parks are a component of Livability and Sustainability. And, so on.

The Society is mainly involved in Surprise and Astonishment, a component of Livability. That is pretty specific.

However, to be an effective part of a city’s portfolio, we must also be open to partnerships. These partners must be chosen wisely; agents of a secret society must be careful in whom they trust. We, the Agents and friends of the Poorly Kept Secret Society must seek out other organizations that are also beneficial to life in the city. We must find compatriots who deal in social justice, perhaps. Or, job creation. We must be focused on subversive tactics to Surprise and Astound, oh yes. But we must make sure that such action connects to success of others.


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