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Mission Statement?

The Mission of the Society is classified.

However, it is your good fortune that one of the Guiding Principles of the Society is RADICAL TRANSPARENCY.  Which means, you have clearance!  Congratulations.

There are some Agents in the society that have raised doubts about having a Mission Statement at all.  You see, we are an organization that uses the expertise and talents of our Agents, clandestine as they sometimes may be, to enhance and catalyze the missions and goals of other organizations, communities, and government agencies.  In that regard, perhaps our mission changes based on the operation we are associated with.

Good point.


We Agents will continue to deliberate on that.  We have, however, been developing a Manifesto.  This seems to be a better fit, in that our deeper purpose can be a tool for the use of our clients.  It is a philosophical stance from which action can be generated to achieve all sorts of goals.  The Manifesto is long, and will take a while to decode.  You see, each individual word is hidden within the content of concert posters taped or stapled to lamp posts along a six-block stretch Colfax Avenue.  I have managed to decode the first sentence of the draft Manifesto of the Poorly Kept Secret Society, and can share that with you now:

The Poorly Kept Secret Society exists to SURPRISE and ASTOUND by connecting the remarkable creativity of artists, musicians, thinkers, writers, designers and performers with those communities, organizations, and government agencies that would improve the urban built environment.


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